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Total Video Converter

Total Video Converter 7.1.26 Download Free

Total video converter is fulfilling the demands of the digital market by introducing robust video converter software. It has a unique interface for all users. Their main aim to convert media files from one format to another format. Total Video Converter Registration Code introduced in the market with the price range of $34.95. it is going to change the digital media world as it has many features that are required in the market. You have to get this software as it will be one of the essential need of PC users. Have a look at the complete review of this media converter player. Total Video Converter is very easy to use.

Total Video Converter

The interface of this Total Video Converter

The main interface of the brand new Video Converter is just amazing and user-friendly. You can see all the getting started features on the main menu. It is also similar to EZTOO video media player. Users can easily get all menus at their fingertips due to unique design and interface. Total Video Converter provides a free platform for all type of operating system.

Key features of this application:

There are more than 100 key features of this software. You can’t use all of them in the free version. You have to buy the paid version of at just @34.95. have a look at the brilliant features that will rock and roll you by majestic specifications. Total Video Converter Crack for 32 Bit and 64 Bit operating system.


Total Video Converter


  • It has pre-set format files, unlike other famous converter players.
  • It uses NVIDIA CUDA GPU acceleration for fast recovery times of conversion.
  • Supports up to 1080p HD graphic videos.
  • There is no multi-pass encoding
  • This will give you the estimated conversion time of output videos.
  • Video quality without the sync feature is also in this player. It will save a lot of your time.
  • If I could say, it is best on basis of conversion speed, then it will be not wrong.

Brilliant editing capabilities:

You can use trim head and trim tail of video facilities in this software.

  • You can also crop in the video editing menu.
  • Screengrab is one of the new features that every media converters are now using. Screen grabs are also included in this.
  • It will also merge your files into a single file for usage.
  • You can also add audio and video effects according to your specifications.
  • Graphic watermark and subtitle features are also available in the converter.
  • Add subtitles according to your desires where needed, otherwise, skip them from the video output menu.
  • DVD ripping, DVD burning, and high definition burning are the most robust features of this media converter player.
  • You can easily upload all of your videos on a social media platform after making them.


Total Video Converter

Bad reviews of This.

Apart from its pros, there are some cons to the converter. Five of them are discussed here for the users. Have a look at them to get the better idea.

  • According to one of the best software website, Softonic doesn’t have the best video quality. They also say it has limited features of editing that is also a major drawback.
  • The Dotech has given a bad review by saying that has hidden the video/audio general output. These menus are in the all profile category and users are having difficulty in finding them. It has also issued for converting the SWFs.
  • It also requires a powerful machine or you can say robust machine in converting files., said by CMM.
  • You can combine more than two videos if they don’t have built-in soundtracks for conversion. It is also a con described by FindMySoft.
  • It also has the bug of freezing. Sometimes you will face severe difficulty in starting this total video converter.

These are the five major drawbacks of this software. Otherwise, they are going to crash the market of total video converter in the international circle.

You can download here.