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Easeus Data Recovery

EASEUS DATA RECOVERY 12.8.0  programme has high deadline records; the user can separate purely from the data in the same method restore. Various features in this Easeus Data Recovery can allow in need of a hearing aide pure awareness from the round streak, mind sides like the memory of the flexible, the record of the camera and mechanized or MP3 player. It is easy to use also provide to user platform.

Easeus Data Recovery


Easeus Data Recovery Wizard works commonly with hard drives, USB Flash runs, SD cards or any other digital device that can be located using your House windows or Mac PC. Discussing have a look at how to use the software and whether it stands up to its claims.


The installation process for Easeus is quite simple therefore you only have to go through a step by step sorcerer. The simple interface and matches the standard Windows Explorer-like design most people are already familiar.

The Data Recovery 12.8.0 Method

Any linked device with accessible inside storage. In case a drive has been sorted or lost during a merging process, Easeus Info Recovery Wizard can check for the partition and permit the user to check for recoverable data.

Easeus Data Recovery

Easeus Data Recovery will show you a progress bar which implies the scanning process for recovering lost files. This is where the restoration wizard scans your specific location. It may take a few minutes, or even hours, depending on the size of the chosen area.

Every Record It Found During The Scan

The initial check only lists the erased files as the second level takes longer as it scans each sector of the specified drive. It can come in convenient in case you forget to restore any file. This may bring about the unintentional corruption of the refurbished data until you keep this in mind. Easeus Data Recovery can easily found data.

Concluding about Easeus Data Recovery

Easeus Data Recovery Sorcerer is, absolutely, one of the simplest tools out there for the restoration of deleted or lost data. The added profit that must be free (for up to 2 GIGABYTE of data recovery) is a superior plus. To get the most everyday users, the 2GB limit should be sufficient.

Easeus Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Features:

  • Quick access software with Right Click
  • Support hard disk up to 8 TB
  • Professional Restore deleted files and information.
  • Brand-new user interfaces for the more intuitive data recovery process.
  • Recover deleted files by viruses
  • It can also Format or RAW File Recovery
  • Faster scan lost files by skipping bad sectors automatically.
  • Data recovery formatted hard drives have been erased!
  • File recovery after accidental format, even Windows reinstallation.
  • Compatibility System format FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS / NTFS5, EXT2 / EXT3
  • Get back files after a partitioning error
  • Specify file types before file recovery to find lost files quickly.
  • Supports Hard Disk, external ZIP / USB drive, removable SmartMedia, MemoryStick, SD cards for data recovery.

Easeus Data Recovery

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